Sunday, 17 June 2012

Go West Young Donkey

 We had to sell Little Joe because our other donkeys are in heat and he might try to hurt the babies. Well the other night we get a phone call from BC and she said she is going to buy him. This morning she picked him up. (it actually wasn't her it was a lady that picks up and delivers horses, donkeys and mules) She came around 7:30 a.m.
Here are the pictures of him leaving.

Little Joe wasn't so sure of going in the trailer

 He finally decided to go in

He finally made it in and was happy because he got hay

And he is off to BC

 Today is also Father's Day! So Happy Father's Day to all dads and may God bless you. My dad sure got spoiled today.

I made the card, (which I think is not in the picture) the chokecherry jelly and I bought the chocolate.

 We also went to church at the old folk's home today. It went really good but we were late so we couldn't help set up. But we did help gather the song books at the end. Next time I think we will be early, maybe.

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