Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Prize

 Sorry I haven't done a post for a while. I felt like taking a break from blogging. But now I am back.
 This store called UFA (it is a farmers store that I think is really only in Alberta) has a day called Farmer's Day and they have a colouring contest to win a toy barn every year. So my brothers and I entered. Yesterday we get a phone call from UFA and my mom answered it knowing why they were calling but she didn't know who won. Well she answered it and it was me who had won!!! It is like a 80$ wood toy barn. And it is huge! Here are some pictures of it.

Here it is from the front

Here it is inside. The roof comes off.

And here it is from the other side inside 


  1. It was entirely too exciting! I am so happy you won.

    1. It was really exciting!!! Thank you:)
      God bless,


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