Monday, 2 July 2012

Rodeo Time!

 Yesterday we went to cowboy church (aka stampede church). They had free pancake breakfast. After we were done eating and just getting up to go to church this man comes up to me and asked if I had rodeo tickets. (It is stampede time in our town) I said no and then he gave me 2 tickets. After talking some about we decided that my mom and I would go. My friend Natasha and her family were going to the rodeo too that afternoon. So Natasha and me sat in the seats that man gave us and my mom sat with her family. It was AWESOME! We got really good seats. Here are some pictures of the rodeo.

The bucking bronco
 This man had a really well trained horse. He would say something and the horse would do it. Like in this picture. The man said to the horse to jump in the back of the truck well it is moving. Well the horse did as it was told.

And here he is after he jumped in the truck.

They had 3 kids on a team and they would have to have this minature horse, 2 of them would hold on to the rope and the other 1 would try to get on the horse. It was really cute!
 They also had mounted shooters competition there too. It was neat. They had to ride a horse and shoot ballons on a stick.

Calf roping

 And then that night they had awesome fireworks because it was Canada Day.


  1. Wow, were you ever lucky to get those tickets. I know they cost a lot of money and to be able to sit with your friend is so cool. What a fun time, hey!

    1. And the seats that we got were really good. It was tons of fun!!!
      God bless,


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