Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wacky Wednesdays~Some Jokes

Wacky Wednesdays is a day for bloggers to share something funny like jokes, something that someone said, a song or just anything that is funny. If you want to do Wacky Wednesdays you can right click on the picture, click "save picture as" and that way it will be
in your computer. The rules are that you have to comment on a Wacky Wednesdays post and say that you are doing it and put a link to your blog.
Today I am just going to do some jokes that I know.

A. Why was the bride sad at her wedding?
Q. Because she couldn't marry the best man.

1. Knock Knock
2. Who's there?
1. Cat
2. Cat who?
1. Cats don't who, owls who, cats meow

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