Thursday, 9 August 2012

Jacob's Teeth

 My little brother Jacob lost his first 2 teeth on the 7th and this morning! The first tooth went down the drain because he was brushing his teeth and when he spat out the toothpaste the tooth went down with it. Then he went to my mom to show her how clean his teeth were when she saw his missing tooth and thought that is what he came to tell her. Well it wasn't, he didn't even know his tooth was gone! Even though he didn't get to see his tooth, he was still pretty excited that he had lost his first tooth.
And then this morning he made rice crispy bars for the county fair and he was eating what was left in the bowl. He was chewing when he said "That is way to hard. I can't bite into that." , so he threw it back into the bowl. Well I looked at it and it didn't look like a rice crispy, well it wasn't. It was his other lose tooth! Then he was really happy that he lost another tooth.
Here is picture of him with his 2 front teeth missing. (Do you see the rice crispy on the left side of his mouth?)

And here is his cute little tooth. Trust me, it is not that big in person.


  1. Hey Rebekah,
    You write the most awesome interesting stories and I love this one about Jacob and his missing teeth. He looks so cute and is he ever starting to look like Ben.
    Love your new stationary. I love your Widdley Tink Family to. It is exactly like yours.

    1. Hey Grandma,
      Thank you. Jacob is really cute!
      God bless,


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