Monday, 20 August 2012

Telus World Of Science

 Sorry I have not posted for a long time! We were busying at VBS last week. This year was my first year being a crew helper! I had an awesome time.
 Yesterday we went to Telus World Of Science because our news on TV had this colour the weather contest and it was for a free family pass to TWOS. My brothers and I entered and we all got one. Here are the pictures of us there.
Me seeing how fast my heart beats

Me and Jacob in the airplane in the play center

See that plastic ball with the green ball? Well that is water!

Me as an astronaut

Guess what that is? It is a cow tongue!!! They had other tongues but the picture I took of them went blurry for some reason. Oh, and the small jar next to it is a dog tongue.

That night we went to the park. Well really we went to our towns new water park but it was broken! But at least there was a park right next to it.

Then after the park we went to McDonald's for a ice cream cone because at the County Fair they had different kinds of contest and everyone wins a free ice cream cone even if they don't win.
That was our Sunday.

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