Wednesday, 5 December 2012

"It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas"

 We have all been getting really excited around here for Christmas! My little brothers have been wrapping presents like there is no tomorrow. Jacob is being really kind and is wrapping everything he owns, just not his clothes,  to give to my parents! I haven't even thought about buying or making presents yet!
My mom started decorating a long time ago because we moved at the end of September and we usually start on November first so we just kind of started when we moved in because there was no sense putting away then taking out right away.
Here is some pictures of some stuff we have up so far.

This is next to our office desk
On top of our office desk
The kitchen
Our main tree
Our one bathroom
Our spare room
I would also like to share some of my favourite Christmas music from Francesca Battistelli's Christmas CD.
Heaven Everywhere
You're Here
Joy To The World


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  1. I love your Christmas decorations and your choice of music. I downloaded the music on my computer. Isn't Jacob the dearest little boy ever? What a big heart he has. I bet Ben is busy as a bee to.


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