Sunday, 14 April 2013

I Didn't See That Coming!

Last Thursday, Jacob broke his elbow! Him and Ben were fighting when all of a sudden Jacob fell on our laminate floor, face down, and somehow broke it. I thought maybe it was really hurt so he couldn't move it for a while but then it would start felling better so he could start moving it again. But when my mom phoned from the hospital and said it was a broken elbow I was shocked!
He has a temporary binding until tomorrow to let the swelling come down then he will need a cast for 4 weeks. He is excited for the cast because we get to draw on it just like on the one episode of  "Franklin".

Here is Jacob waiting at the hospital. They had to cut of his shirt so he had to wear my mom's coat. My mom was digging through her purse to find something to occupie him with when she found a balloon and a mechanical Yahtzee game. 
And here is Jacob at home with the binding
The day after he broke his elbow he went outside and was already running and jumping. So I am sure he will get through this just fine.


  1. Poor Jacob. I'm happy he is doing well with his broken elbow. It must have hurt a lot just the same.

  2. I hope it gets better soon!


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