Saturday, 13 April 2013

My Birthday

 2 weeks and 4 day ago, (I know I am really late!) was my 13th birthday (so the 25th of March). The Friday before I had a party. Six girls came to it. My pen-pal who I met was suppose to come but the day before was a 100 car pile up the way she was coming so she didn't come.
My mom found 2 Minute to Win it games to play that included chop sticks. The first one was we had to use chop sticks to stack 3 chap sticks on top of each other. That was very hard! The second game was we had to stack 6 pop cans on top of each other in a pyramid shape using a chop stick in our mouth. That one was quite easier.
For supper we had Rice Bowls, Spring Rolls and Asian Noodle Cole Slaw.

All of us at the table!
The toppings for the rice bowls were:
Teriaki chicken
Bean sprouts
Green onion
Sesame seeds
Soy sauce
Extra teriaki sauce
All of the girls LOVED it!!! Thank you mom for making it! It was really good.
After supper we visited for a little bit then we had cake.

Me with my cake
Then of course afterwards was present time. I got so many awesome presents! Thank you to all who gave me them!!!
Then we watched a movie called Summer Magic. It was done by Walt Disney in 1963. It is a really good movie!
That was my "long ago" birthday party!!! We all had a great time!




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  1. I'm so happy to see you so happy on your 13th birthday Becky. Your Mom is the greatest in giving a really memorable party for you guys.You are so Blessed.


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