Thursday, 16 May 2013

TobyMac Concert in Edmonton

 Last Friday night I went to the TobyMac concert with my youth pastor, his wife and three other kids. You see the youth pastor bought 4 tickets to the concert and he did a contest to earn points for us to win a ticket. The stuff we earned points on were going to church, going to youth, going to Sunday School, memorising bible verses, and there was a special assignment each week. I got first place! I was so excited to go, not for TobyMac, but for Jamie Grace! Because I didn't really love to many TobyMac songs but I love Jamie Grace's songs. It sounds kind of funny that I just went for the opening act but oh well.
Before we went to the concert they took us all out to Chilli's. It was SO GOOD! I had the Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Quesadilla. I usually have caesar salad with chicken when I go to restaurants but I felt like having something different that night and I love quesadillas.
Another girl that went to the concert and me at Chilli's
 Three of us waiting. There was another boy but he was sitting at the end. I am so bad at blinking. As soon as the flash turns on I blink, which I am doing in this picture.
The concert was AMAZING!!! It was very bright and loud because that is what all TobyMac concerts are like. But it was still really good. I had so much fun.
All of us (except the youth pastor's wife) after the concert.
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  1. What a wonderful gift for you, Miss Becky! And what a wonderful experience! So nice of your youth pastor and it looks like everyone was having so much fun.


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