Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wacky Wednesdays~They Will Learn

Wacky Wednesdays is a day for bloggers to share something funny like a song, a joke, something that someone said, a story or just whatever is funny. The rules are if you want to do Wacky Wednesdays that you have to follow me and comment saying that you are doing it.
This Wednesday I would like to tell you guys about how Ben and Jacob say the funniest things.
Jacob has been sneezing a lot because he has a cold or something but he doesn't think that. He says that he has "injuries" (allergic) to everyone. He even told the pastor's wife that last Sunday! 
Ben loves to sell and buy stuff on Kijiji quite a bit and there is a section on there that is called "swap or trade". But Ben calls it "swipe or trade"!
They say a bunch of other funny things but 2 are are I can remember right now. I always want to correct them but then I remember that they will learn how to say it soon then it won't be cute anymore.
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  1. You are so wise Rebekah. It is so cute now and yes, they will probably change as they learn. So, good for you for understanding how things change with time and right now is the perfect time for writing these down and to look back on with fond memories.

  2. You know another thing that I thought about when rereading your blog, was, some people always have to correct what people say if they feel it is wrong. I believe it really doesn't matter if you understand what they are saying and you obviously do, so it's fun just to hear how they say things and like you say, in time they will figure it out. Unless of course, what they say will hurt them or other people some how. You are so wise and I'm so proud of you.


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