Monday, 11 February 2013

William Clark

William Clark
  • Born August 1, 1770 to John and Ann Clark in Ladysmith, Colony of Virginia
  • Occupation was soldier, explorer and politician
  • Married Julia Hancock on January 5, 1808-1820 she died
  • Then he married Harriet Radford in 1820-1831 she died
  • He had 8 children, Meriwether, William, Mary, George and John by Julia and Jefferson, Edmund and Harriet by Harriet
  • He was the 4th Governor of Missouri Territory from July 1, 1813-September 18, 1820
  • Died September 1, 1838 in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Most famous for being the co-captain in the Lewis and Clark Expedition

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