Monday, 16 April 2012


 I forgot to mention this in my first post, I LOVE to do art. My favourite art to do is pencil sketch. Here are some pictures of my art work.

I drew this picture for our news because we got free Telus World of Science tickets


A rooster standing on a fence post


A duckling on the shore


This is a paint by number picture

 I do have more pictures than that but I don't want to show them all at one time.


  1. You are an amazing artist. I really like the Rooster and if your Mom doesn't want to keep it and frame it or you don't, I will.....

  2. When I told her you wanted it, she right away said NO!

  3. Isn't it amazing? I've been waiting for her to hand it over so that I can frame it. Maybe now she will with all this interesst in it. Sorry.

  4. Wow, the power of computers... I actually have it and will post pictures on my blog when I get it framed and hung up.


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