Saturday, 21 April 2012

Picture Websites

This website called Piknic (Its a picture enhancement  website) ended Thursday.(19th) And a new website took its place. Its called Pic Monkey. Here are some pictures from Pic Monkey that I made.
This was a sample picture on Pic Monkey

Some daffodils that my mom got for her anniversary

A dandelion

An owl that was in our barn once

Me and my cousin Aesha standing next to a paper Michael Buble

Me and my brother Jacob as Daniel and Rebecca Boone.(I added the moustache)

 Pic Monkey is free, but there is stuff that you have to pay for if you want more. It is a really cool website.


  1. I hope you added the moustache! It would be funny, his head goes bald and all the hair shows up on his lip! Awesome pictures Rebekah.

  2. He has hair in that picture. But he is to young to grow a moustache.

  3. You are so talented Rebekah. It must be fun to play on Pic Monkey and create something really cool, like a moustache on your little brother's face. You should take a picture of him now with no hair and put a moustache on him. He'll look like Uncle Graham

  4. I already put a moustache on him when he was bald. I just didn't put it on here.


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