Thursday, 12 April 2012


 My name is Rebekah. As you see this is my very first post. My mom has a blog, and it looks like fun so I wanted to try it.
 Here's a little about me.
 I LOVE to read books. Some of my favourite books are the Bible and Janette Oke books. My favourite story from the Bible is Ester. And my favourite books from Janette Oke are Love Comes Softly series, When Calls The Heart series and They Called Her Misses Doc.
 My favourite singers are Michael Buble and Jamie Grace. My favourite song from Michael Buble is Haven't Met You Yet. And my favourite song from Jamie Grace is 1945. I got my name for my blog from one of Jamie Grace's songs. Its called God Girl. (I added the country part)
 The donkey that I am training right now is Little Joe. I will post a video of me and Little Joe in a post soon. (We got his name from Little Joe Cartwright on Bonanza) He can jump, ride, trot, walk and is some what halter broke. Our two other donkeys are Jenny and Molly. Jenny is my favourite because she is sweet. Molly and Jenny are going to have babies this year.
 My mom homeschools me and my brothers. The subjects that we are doing right now are math, bible, science and LA. For history we are doing a Daniel Boone unit study. We get to learn Canadian and American histoy, how they lived back then, geography and of course about Daniel Boone.
 That is a little about me and you will probably learn more about me in other posts.

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