Monday, 22 October 2012

Annie Oakley

History time!

The 10 facts:
  1. Born August 13, 1860 in North Star, Ohio to Jacob and Susan Moses
  2. Birth name was Phoebe Ann Moses
  3. At the age of 8 she had to go hunting and trapping for her family and widowed mother
  4. She married Frank Butler August 23, 1876
  5. They had no children
  6. She was most famous for her shooting
  7. Her most famous trick was repeatedly split a playing card, edge-on, and put several more holes in it before it could touch the ground, while using a .22 caliber rifle, at 90 feet
  8. She went in to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
  9. She was the first female superstar
  10. She died November 3, 1926

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