Saturday, 6 October 2012

Here I Am, Did You Miss Me?

So I am still alive, no I didn't die or got kidnapped. We didn't have Internet til yesterday then we went to the mall right after so I didn't have time to do a post.
We have moved to our new house!!! And I love it!!! We still live on a farm and we still live near the same town. You don't know how much work it was moving. My grandma came to help us and boy, did she. We only had a couple of weeks to move so it was alot of work. The only thing I don't like about our new house is that my room is TINY! My old one was HUGE. So it was a big change for me. I don't have any pictures of my house yet but I hope to have some soon.
Today was my brother Ben's 9th birthday. I didn't get him anything because I totally forgot that it was coming up! My mom got him 4 chocolate bars, 2 books and pajamas. For his supper we had steak, ceasar salad and potatoes. And for dessert we are having cupcakes, popcorn and ginger snap cookies! I know that is alot of dessert!
Sorry I don't have any pictures of anything but I hope I can put some on soon. This post was just for saying I am still alive!


  1. Did I miss you? course I did!
    so good to see you back and happy birthday to your brother!

    --Rachel S

  2. I missed you to. Happy to see you are blogging again.
    Are you used to the size of your bedroom yet?


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