Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pictures Finally

You have probably been wanting to see some pictures of what has been happening here. Well my mom finally put the pics on the computer.
The first 4 pictures are of Ben's birthday.
This is Ben opening his presents

Ben with his presents. He ate all the chocolate bars that morning! But he let us help him do that.
Ben with his cupcakes

Blowing out the candles!
Now here is some pictures of our new house.
Here is the trailer we loaded all of our stuff in. (This is our old house and that semi truck we borrowed)
Here is our dining room
Living room. I don't have any other pictures of our house but hopefully I will have some soon!
Our beautiful backyard
Our "neighbours" like our mini donkeys

The donkeys had to live on our fenced yard for a while until we built a fence. So there I am building!
And here is some Alberta weather for you it snowed on Oct. 10 and left Oct. 12.  It does that to us all the time.

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  1. Thanks for helping with the fence Rebekah. You did a great job running the post pounder!


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