Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wacky Wednesdays~"They Paused You"

Wacky Wednesdays is a day for bloggers to share something funny like a song, a joke, something that someone said, a story or just whatever is funny. The rules are if you want to do Wacky Wednesdays that you have to follow me and comment saying that you are doing it.    
Jacob saw some pictures from when he was born and has been asking alot of questions about them. He asked my mom "did it hurt when they cut you open" ( my mom had a c/section ).  My mom said "no because they froze me." Well the other day Jacob was just kind of talking to himself about his birth and we heard "Then they paused mommy". I guess froze means paused to him!

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  1. He he just so cute! I love how he puts things together in his head and I love that you blogged about it so that we remember.
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