Thursday, 22 August 2013

County Fair 2013

Almost 2 weeks ago was our county fair. We didn't feel like entering anything in but then the Monday before it we decided "Yep we will enter stuff in because we have a bunch of crafts done anyways." So almost all that week for my mom and I was baking and a few crafts. Friday morning we brought all of our stuff in and we couldn't wait until that night to see what we won.

I won high point in the Junior Division.
Almost all of these things in this picture are mine. The card, button bouquet, clay crab, rock owl, sheriff and outlaw ceramic guys, scarf, perler beads hot air balloon, message in a bottle necklace, and the cross-stitch picture.
This is all mine in this picture. The jam, muffins, cookies, bread, and fruit.
The brownies are my brother Ben's, the 2 breads in the middle are mine, and the bread to the side is my mom's.
My mom got runner up high point in the Culinary Arts section.
Ben and Jacob entered in their VBS pictures and did very well on them.
Jacob's clay animals and the stocking he sewed.
And Ben and Jacob's catapults that they made at VBS.
We didn't actually go to the fair this year because they raised there prices to much to get in so we just entered stuff in the bench show which was at a different place this year. 


  1. I'm so glad we decided to enter our things after all. It was a lot of fun!

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