Monday, 26 August 2013

Lawrence Sullivan Ross

Lawrence Sullivan Ross "Sul"
  • Born on September 27, 1838 in Bentonsport, Iowa to Shapley and Catherine Ross. He was the 4th child.
  • He married Elizabeth Tinsley on May 28, 1861
  • They had 8 children Mervin 1866, Lawrence JR. 1868, Florine 1870, Harvey 1873, Frank 1875, Elizabeth 1878, James 1880, and Neville 1882
  • He was a sheriff from 1873-1875 in McLennan County, Texas
  • He joined the Texas Rangers in 1860, first serving as a lieutenant and later a captain
  • Him and his company of rangers rescued Cynthia Ann Parker from the Comanches 24 years after she was captured
  • He was the Governor of Texas from 1887-1891. His lieutenant was Thomas Wheeler. He was preceded by John Ireland and succeeded by Jim Hogg
  • He died on January 3, 1898 in Brazos County, Texas


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