Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Now this was a long time ago but it is still very interesting.  On July 15 in the morning I just woke and I was just going to start getting dressed when it sounded like wind was blowing on my door. But then I heard someone say Becky. I was like what on earth then I said "What is it" then I heard my dad say "There is a baby donkey"! I ran out of there like a lightning bolt I SO EXCITED! It was raining all night and still raining that morning so the baby was all wet. When I got out there, there he was with his tongue sticking out I thought but then I dad said something was wrong with his lip.

After a while of trying to figure it out what was wrong with his mouth my mom e-mailed that picture above to our friend that has lots of horses to see if she knew. She thought it might have been a PROLAPSED lip.  Meaning, some kind of trauma during birth caused the lip to swell up. Then her and her husband came that evening to see if she was right and sure enough she was. She had seen this when cows give birth and prolapse.  She had also seen an old farmer treat this condition by rubbing the prolapsed area with sugar to get the swelling down, then putting the body back in the right places.
So we got her some sugar and warm water (The water was needed because his lip was dry) and she rubbed it on and put his lip back into place and it was almost all healed. His swelling still needed to go down a little more but it would happen soon enough.
In this picture you can see that it is still kind of swelled but....
His lip is fine now!
Our donkay Molly who had him was pregnant with him for 13 1/2 mounths! We knew she was pregnant but we weren't sure when she was going to have the baby, so we were very happy she finally had him!
It took a long time to name him but my brothers and me decided to name him Yadkin after the river in North Carolina that Daniel Boone lived near for a little while.
Yadkin was our first just gray donkey. All of the others were different colours so it was cool to finally have a just gray baby donkey! I am trying to teach him tricks but I don't think he knows any yet.

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