Tuesday, 15 October 2013


I love to learn about places or look at maps. Maps can keep me entertained forever. So I decided to do a post once a week about a province or territory in Canada. The first place will be Alberta, well, because I live here.

  • It became a province of Canada on September 1, 1905.
  • The area is 661,848 km. or 255,500 sq. mi.
  • The population is 3,645,257 in 2011.
  • The capital city is Edmonton. It was established in 1795, made into a town on January 9, 1892, and made into a city on October 8, 1904. It's population is 817,498 in 2012. The first mayor was Matthew McCauley and the present mayor is Stephan Mandel.
  • The biggest city is Calgary.
  •  The flower is the Wild Rose.
  • The tree is the Lodgepole Pine.
  • The bird is the Great Horned Owl.
  • The highest point is Mount Columbia which is 3,747 metres or 12,293 feet.
  • The first premier was Alexander Rutherford and the present is Allison Redford.
  • The motto is "Strong and Free".
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