Friday, 25 October 2013

Faithful Fridays~Spiritaul Gifts

Faithful Fridays is a day where christians can share there faith, a song, a bible verse, a bible study that you are working through or anything that God has put on your heart to share. You can go to Joy's blog Doodle Bug to get the rules and picture.
All Christians have Spiritual Gifts given to them by God. But so many Christians don't know what their gift is, or if they do know what it is, some don't use it, or they may know what it is and use it in the wrong way. We all should strive to know our Spiritual Gift and to use it correctly.  Here are some ways to help us.
  • If you don't you what it is.
It is very important to find out what your Spiritual gift is. You need to know your gift because you can help your church so much by knowing what it is and helping in that area of your gift. And if you can't figure out what it is pray about and ask God to help you find it, and ask other Christians that you know because it is easier to pick out someone else's gift than your own.  Here is a great link to take a Spiritual Gift test.
  • If you know what it is, but don't want to use it
 You can help so many people if you use your gift. Like if your gift is teaching and your church is looking for a teacher for something you can sign up. Not only will you be using your gift for God's glory, but all the people you teach will learn about God. Or if your gift is encouragement and you know someone that is going through a tough time you can go and see them and encourage them. God will be happy and so will that person. If you don't know where your gift is needed, ask God what you should do, or ask the church to see if they need help in your gift area.
  • If you know what it is and using it, but in the wrong way
Believe it or not you can use your gift in the wrong way. Like if your gift is teaching and your church needs help teaching the 5 year old Sunday School and you sign up. But after the first day of teaching you feel like you didn't do any good and the kids tired you out in 2 minutes. Well apparently that is not the way God intended you to use it. Some one else with the gift of teaching will come along and sign up and have no problem doing it. So then you sign up to teach the 10 year old Sunday School and after the first day you feel like you have done what God has wanted you to do then that is the way you should use your gift. Everyone is different in the way they should use their gift and it will be all the same to God. If you are trying to figure out how to use it ask God to show you how and where to use it.
Spiritual Gifts are straight from God and He wants you to know what it is, use it, and use it in the right way.
God bless you,

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