Thursday, 10 October 2013

Fall Time

My mom LOVES to decorate for every season and most holidays. And because fall is almost over in Alberta I thought I should show you guys what our house looks like all decorated up for fall.
Our dining room

Above the living room window. My favourite part of the fall decorations is the crows, they look so real.
Under the window in the living room.
Next to the same living room window as in last two pictures. My mom loves using the McDonald's little fall dolls for decoration.
Above the office desk.
In the dining room. My mom just bought this from her favourite store. Isn't it so pretty?
The dining room.
That was all of our fall decorations. Christmas decorations will be coming anytime soon now that it is almost November 1st.
God bless you,


  1. I just love fall decorations! It will almost be sad when we have to put up the Christmas decorations.

    1. I am not ready for Christmas decorations yet! The fall ones are so pretty.


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