Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Chicken Coop Fort/House

 Yesterday my dad built stairs to the top of our chicken coop. (It doesn't have any chickens in it.) So me and my brothers are pretending that it is the Boone's house. I'm Rebecca Boone, Jacob is Daniel Boone, Ben is Mingo and my mom is Jemima Boone. Here are some pics of it.

Here are the stairs up to it. (We were going to put that kitchen in it put it didn't fit through the hole up there.)

And here is the inside of it, and there is Daniel.


  1. Wow, Rebekah, it looks awesome up there. I can't wait until I get enough courage to get over my height issues and climb those stairs.

  2. What fun will you guys have up there. I'll for sure expect at least a cup of tea when I come to visit. There must be a way to get the kitchen in....
    You sure are lucky to have a Dad who knows how to make stairs to.


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